Love and woodworking- A short love story

6 Jan

Do you find yourself daydreaming about your next woodworking project? Does the smell of old wood sets your soul in peace, then you are definitely In love with woodworking.

Woodworking is not only a project which in the end brings something solid to us, it’s a whole journey of crafting, thinking and bring a whole idea out of your mind into the world.

Our love of woodwork has now been clinically proven, there is a reason behind our passion and today I am going to tell you the real deal behind it.

  • You are a born artist, you love to imagine things and bring them out in the real world. You invite challenges and you cannot stop until you complete them.
  • The smell, feel, strength and everything related to wood appeals you. Your woodworking shop is like a private den to you and will be more personal to you than your bedroom. 
  • Woodworking is not out of you, its in you and you are a very vital part of the project. You see yourself as the most import tool of the project.
  • You would be spending hours in deciding the best color and design, but in the end you will chose the first design that struck your mind.
  • Reviews and criticism, you would long to hear peoples feedback for your creation.
  • When you are in your wood-shop nothing can break your concentration, its like you have been bound with the wood. Neither hunger nor sleep can distract you that time.
  • You will often loose track of time, if your wood-shop has curtains on windows, you wont even know whether its night or sun outside.
  • You feel like heaven when your task is completed, its like the most beautiful feeing to you.
  • Planning about a project makes you excited; everything looks like a quest to you.

These are a few reasons why you like woodworking.

There are many but I think these much are enough to tell anyone why you love woodworking.

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