Six Steps to Selecting the Perfect Hardwood for Your Next Project

8 Jan

If we talk about woodworking, we would surely be talking about Hardwood later or sooner in our conversation.

Hardwood is the basic and the most important thing in woodworking.

It is the soul and life of the woodwork project. The smell of old wood makes me feel like heaven and after spending so many years building and buying hardwood, I am perfectly capable of knowing what to look for in a perfect hardwood.

hardwood woodqworking

These simple 6 steps will teach you how to find the perfect hardwood.

  • Look for the finest timber it is very important for your end result to look beautiful, if you are confused what you can do is pick a few which you think are the best and then later you can nominate then as you compare them.  Your lumber should be the straightest, shiniest and the flattest board.
  • Make sure that you have 20-25% more than the amount of lumber you actually need, errors are a part of woodworking and you may not want to put all that efforts in looking again for the perfect lumber. After that check the stack for boards containing sapwood
  • Make sure that your board is free from any damage, stains and knots.
  • Now nominate the lumber with odd color and take forward those which look pleasant to you.
  • If you still have more choices then you need, look for the strongest one.
  • After making your final selections, tally up the board footage (thickness x width x length — all in inches — and divide by 144) to make sure you have enough lumber.

These easy steps will help you in finding the best lumber in the pile. These steps may look big but ones you understand, it will only take 20-30 min in getting what you are looking for.

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