The Quick Guide To A Safe Woodworking

9 Jan

Woodworking is an art and requires years of precision and knowledge, still many experts get injured due to negligence. That’s why it is very important to insure proper safety before starting work on any woodworking project. No matter how talented you are, things can turn nasty in just a few minutes.  By following these easy tips you can prevent many miss-happenings.

Now matter how lazy you are feeling or less time you have, always and always wear your safety equipment. Wear proper glasses to protect your eyes, leather apron, good quality latex gloves and ear defender for hearing protection. Your glasses should be on as you enter the workshop and should be removed only at the time of leaving the workshop.

Wear a facemask each time you work on a router table, as it generates a lot of dust. Facemask prevents dust from entering your nose. The dust is very contaminated and can harm your lungs. Wear respirators while doing polishing or paint job, these paints have many harmful chemicals, which can harm your lungs.

Flying chips are a very common part of woodworking and we have them all the time, rather than wearing glasses you can wear a face shield. It increases protection and is very comfortable.

Woodworking has its own uniform, loose or casual clothes are not allowed to be worn for a safe woodworking. Proper clothes are available online and if you don’t want to spend money on them, simply wear a jeans and tank. Avoid jewelry and unnecessary accessories.

No beer, no wine. Alcohol and Wood working is a very lethal combination. Never ever start your work with a glass of wine; even a slightest influence of alcohol during work can bring drastic effects.

Before changing blades cut off the power supply of your machine, never take this task for granted or be ready to lose your fingers. It may not look an important thing to you but the result of neglecting it can be devastating.

Listening to music while working is very common but I wont recommend you to watch TV or chit chat on phone while working, A little distraction can make a very big difference.

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