The Ultimate Guide to WoodWorking

2 Jan

There are many trades out there that has it’s tools, and woodworking is no different. Every craftsman knows that to manufacture a product of quality and in good time, the proper tools for the job is critical.

There are many tools out there for woodworking, however, there are those certain few tools that are beneficial for any individual working in woodwork to possess.

Hand tools are still considered “power” tools, but they are not used with electricity. They are used by the muscles of the woodworker.

The most basic hand tool that almost every individual in woodworking has, is a claw hammer. It is light enough to what using to pull nails out, yet it is heavy enough to easily drive nails into the wood.

A tape measure is another essential hand tool, and woodworkers are continuously measuring wood. A utility knife is a definite asset to woodworking, in that it can help to clean out mortise joints and for far more other uses.

It is also efficient since the blade can be retracted back inside of the sleeve so that a woodworker is safe from any kind of cut injury.

Screwdrivers are a definite “must-have” in woodworking. A woodworker will need to make sure and purchase a variety of sizes to be able to get the job done properly. Every woodworker knows that a couple of levelers are a very good idea, this way they are able to check for any unevenness in the wood they are working with.

Just as hand tools are essential to every woodworking individual, electric power tools are just as much of a necessity as well. These tools can help make a job easier and get the job done faster. There is, however, quite a few of these tools that are beneficial to woodworking. The first to posses for a woodworker would be a circular saw, in that it is quicker to cut pieces of wood with then to hand saw through it.

This cuts back time and makes the cutting of the wood more efficient and with smoother edges. A power drill is a must have when working with wood. This piece of equipment helps to insert screws and such, in a very quick way as well.

A jigsaw is very important in that it is able to cut wood in patterns, such as circular and curved, something that is very difficult to do with a saw. A woodworking project always needs a sander.

This will take care of the sharp and dangerous edges of the wood that need to be smoothed down. A major tool in this field is also a table saw, this gives you the power over the piece of wood you are working with. Along with a table saw, your next purchase should be a miter saw. This saw is able to cut compound angles.

A router like the Bosch 1617EVSPK Router Kit is able to accomplish many tasks and it is also stationary, but can be mounted. A planer is essential, it is able to shave thin slices of wood off making the wood thinner, smoother, and flatter.

It can also help to cut corners off of wood, scribes, and can aide in removing thick pants or varnishes. In low light situations or at night, it will be more difficult to see certain places of the wood that you are working on.

Therefore, purchasing a work light is always beneficial to someone in the wood working field. Many of these products would need help and assistance from an air compressor. Buying an air compressor can help supply energy for many applications and tools, and is considered highly needed.
There are many books that can help you to begin your woodworking experience and here are a list of some that would be beneficial in this skill;

Woodworking With The Router by Bill Hylton
Relief Carving Workshop at Barnes and Nobel
Woodworking by Nancy MacDonald
Woodworking 101 by Aime Fraser
The Complete Book Of Woodworking by North American Affinity Clubs
First Projects For Woodcarvers by Larry Green and Mike Altman
– Taunton’s Complete Illustrated Guide To Woodworking by Jeff Jewitt
– Woodwork Step By Step by Dorling Kindersley
– The Magic Toolbox by Carl F. Neal
– New Built-Ins Ideal Book by Sandor Nagyszalanczy

There are many ways to accomplish a successful woodworking project. Every industry needs specific things to make the process more efficient.

Woodworking needs these tools to help make the job successful and many books to read on how to do the job properly, and to make it easier.

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